Meredith Wolf Schizer

21 Things to Look Forward to in 2021

The best thing about 2021 won't be simply that it isn't 2020. From science to space, healthcare to business, sports to entertainment, these are the events and people that will bring us joy next year.

CIA Directors are Not 'Yes-Men'

"Right now we are suffering the catastrophic consequences of a president who paid no attention to the CIA's warnings about a coronavirus....CIA directors must be prepared to resist presidents who trample the rule of law."

Author Dana Thomas on the price of fast fashion

Dana Thomas investigated the damage to our planet and the world's labor force by "fast fashion"—the mass production of trendy, inexpensive garments with lightning-quick turnaround—in her new book, Fashionopolis.

Q&A with Author Donna Freitas

"Schools are taking better measures to protect confidentiality and make the experience less intimidating. But it's difficult to understand exactly how hard it is to come forward unless you've been through it."