Michael Daly

A Boatful of Angels

The firefighters of Swift Water Team 6 found themselves rescuing people from a rooftop engulfed in flames—and surrounded by the flood.

Father Tom?

Long before Scientology, Cruise studied for the priesthood.

Flower Power

"Daisy Girl," all grown up and not watching TV.

Where's the Money, Jon?

With the collapse of MF Global, Jon Corzine stands in the middle of the missing-billion-dollar crossfire.

The Face of Anger

The Wall Street protesters are being called 21st-Century hippies. But their growing outrage is real—and they look a lot like the rest of us.

Citizen Cain

Meet the rising GOP star who is confounding the pundits and much of black America.

I Committed Murder

For the anonymous executioners of death row, the pulling of the lever is often followed by doubt.