Michael Isikoff

Intel: Pdb Battle Heats Up

The White House is headed for another showdown over PDBs--the President's Daily Briefs on intelligence issues that some aides consider among the most sensitive government documents.NEWSWEEK has learned that, after battling for months over demands by a national commission investigating the 9/11 terror attacks to see PDBs, White House lawyers were angry last week when Senate investigators looking at pre-Iraq- war intelligence pressed to see them as well.

The Bureau

Gamal Abdel-Hafiz was once considered one of the FBI's best assets: an Egyptian-born agent who worked big terrorism probes. But last summer Abdel-Hafiz, 44, was fired for allegedly lying about an allegation of long-ago insurance fraud.

Secrets And Leaks

In Washington, so-called leak investigations--formal inquiries by the Justice Department into the publication of classified information--are like endless replays of the movie "Casablanca": the authorities round up the usual suspects, nothing much happens, and life goes on.

Follow The Yellowcake Road

Did it start with a break-in? On the morning of Jan. 2, 2001, Italian police discovered that the Niger Embassy in Rome had been ransacked. Not much was reported missing--only a watch and two bottles of perfume--but someone had apparently rifled through embassy papers, leaving them strewn about the floor.

Exclusive: The 9-11 Report: Slamming The Fbi

The FBI blew repeated chances to uncover the 9-11 plot because it failed to aggressively investigate evidence of Al Qaeda's presence in the United States, especially in the San Diego area, where two of the hijackers were living with one of the bureau's own informants, according to the congressional report set for release this week.The long-delayed 900-page report also contains potentially explosive new evidence suggesting that Omar al-Bayoumi, a key associate of two of the hijackers, may have...

A Spy Takes The Bullet

Easygoing and engaging, CIA Director George Tenet has long been known as an accomplished Washington schmoozer with a knack for ingratiating himself with his political bosses.

A Four-Star President?

Does the already crowded Democratic presidential race have room for another entry? Wesley Clark is seriously teasing the field. "I'm thinking about it," Clark tells NEWSWEEK.

We're In The Money

Mobilizing his new elite team of moneymen known as the Rangers, President George W. Bush is about to kick off a two-week fund-raising blitz that aides say will shatter existing records, putting them on track to nearly double the $100 million they raked in during the 2000 campaign.

Al Qaeda: Getting Warmer

The arrests of a half dozen Qaeda operatives in Pakistan last week could bring U.S. intelligence officials a giant stride closer to unraveling the inner workings of the 9-11 terrorist plot--and possibly even locating Osama bin Laden, officials tell NEWSWEEK.