Michael Meyer

A Blue Chip Again

WASN'T IT ONLY A YEAR OR two ago that IBM was considered a "dinosaur"? You know, one of those plodding, money-losing corporate behemoths, slouching toward the tar pits of extinction.

The Feds In Cyberspace

For two years, the investigators in Operation Innocent Images quietly went about their work. Last week they sprang the trap. Federal agents arrested a dozen people across the country, alleging they used America Online to exchange digitized photographs of young children posing naked or engaged in sex.

Do The Numbers Lie?

Are you better or worse off than you were five years ago? Ten years ago? Consider carefully. Beware the conventional wisdom that you've been cheated, messed over by the system.

A 'Lesson' For Intel

It's as if the Marlboro Man had fallen off his horse. Such icons of inspired marketing aren't meant to be muddied, as mighty Intel Corp. recently learned.

Fight To The Finish

Imagine yourself as ridge racer, careening in a rocket-powered car through an ever-changing, three-dimensional landscape. You roar past multicolored grandstands, swerve through tree-lined S curves, blast along sandy beaches.

Lots Of Geeks, Fewer Gizmos

Geeks don't gamble. and most would rather work out a really cool algorithm than ogle the she-gals of Glitter Gulch. So why every fall do they descend lemminglike on Las Vegas for that jampacked, noisy and endlessly aggravating trade jamboree known as Comdex?

Crimes Of The 'Net'

Ray Curci is an earnest, diligent guy. He spends days off with his wife, but works from home every weekend. One recent Saturday he settled himself in front of the computer in his den -- and noticed something odd.

Hollywood Poker

There they were. Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg -- three of Hollywood's leading lights, basking before the cameras at a jampacked press conference in Beverly Hills.

The Game Behind The Name

Wine comes in vintages. So, soon, will software. Last week mighty Microsoft broke a longstanding industry convention of using numbers and decimals to identify its latest products.

Still Late For Arrival

Imagine yourself in a world of pure possibility, a world of eternally unfulfilled expectations. Imagine yourself at Denver International Airport, touted as one of the world's biggest and most technologically advanced.

Silicon Screenings

Pretend you're an average geek, tooling away at your computer doing neat geek things. Like writing your own computer language. Dabbling in virtual reality.

Simon Says, 'Out!'

Once upon a time, there lived an old and powerful king. Richard was as irascible as he was clever and brave. He greatly enlarged his kingdom over decades of rule, growing rich and envied across the land.

A Duel In The Sun

When last we tuned in, those magnificent men in their sailing machines had managed to run aground in a courtroom. The fate of the sterling America's Cup, trophy of the world's most famous yachting competition, had been reduced to a debate over ill-defined rule books and hoary royal charters.

Germany Thinks Pink

Stung at the polls, Kohl moves to co-opt the left Suddenly, "Wunderkohl" looked like "Blunderkohl." When the architect of German unification smashed his rivals in national elections last December, he seemed well on the way to becoming the most powerful German leader since Konrad Adenauer.