Michael Miller

Review: Toni Morrison's Poetic "A Mercy"

Toni Morrison's new book, "A Mercy," tackles the very origins of America's blood-soaked racial history. Set in Virginia during the last decade of the 17th century, the story follows four women bound to farmer Jacob Vaark: his wife, Rebekka, a woman "unleavened" by the death of her children; the Native American Lina, who lost her village to smallpox and finds refuge on the farm; Sorrow, a wild girl with a broken mind; and Florens, a young slave whose faltering but poetic voice forms the novel's...

Hispanics Clinch Presidency For Obama

Hispanic voters didn't just leave their mark on this year's presidential election. They decided it. Four states with sizable Hispanic populations that went for Bush in 2004—Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada—all turned blue this time around, adding 46 crucial electoral votes to the Democratic candidate's winning tally.Obama's Hispanic vote grab is no small accomplishment.

Minds and Magnets

Anne and mark (not their real names) could never have guessed that their lives would be saved by magnetism. Both had suffered at least a year of disabling depression.

How to Break the Chain

Remember "Just say no"? It was a slick motto, but a terrible remedy for drug and alcohol dependence. Decades later, tens of millions of people are wrestling with addiction.

Is Iran Next?

Yes, it's official. Today, Davos held its first-ever Global Town Meeting. For three hours, the assembled movers and shakers put aside the weighty business of debating pressing economic issues or holding impromptu "corridor summits" with their fellow leaders.


A handsome couple had just finished a vigorous day of skiing when I caught up with them at the lodge. Faces lustrous, Don and Myrna Hoffman of Newton, Mass., confirmed what research shows: an active, healthy lifestyle is good for your mood at any age. "I see a lot of depression out there," says Don, who is 67. "Many of my retired friends haven't quite figured out what to do with themselves." He and Myrna, 66, agree they are fortunate, but they have worked to nurture their contentment.

How Genes Affect Moods

Genes don't stop working the day we're born. They're active throughout life, switching on and off in response to cues from the environment. Unfortunately, they don't always respond in optimal ways.

Going Beyond Prozac

In his 1968 novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" (which inspired the movie "Blade Runner"), Philip K. Dick introduced his hero fighting with his wife over what mood to be in.

Road To A Subpoena

It was more than a typical washington "drop by." For four hours last Friday, Whitewater prosecutors questioned Hillary Rodham Clinton before a federal grand jury about how her long-missing law-firm billing records suddenly turned up in the White House family quarters-two years after investigators first sought them.