Mike Giglio

Turkey's Opposition Grows Up

It started as a small protest in a tiny park. But Erdogan's hard line created a movement that won't disappear quickly.

Hezbollah Comes Clean

The leader of the militant lebanese group finally admits to sending fighters to Syria.

King Khan

Playboy, sports star—and possibly Pakistan's next prime minister.

Murdoch Enters the Ring

The News Corp. mogul vows to keep afloat even as the phone-hacking crisis threatens to spread to American soil.

The Real Revolution Begins

Getting rid of Mubarak was the easy part. Taking on Egypt's military leadership will be far more difficult.

Middle East: Bloody Democracy

As chaos flared on the streets of Cairo Saturday, Newsweek looks at Egypt's fears of violence as its first free elections near.

Here Comes Musharraf!

The former Pakistani president has announced his plans to return to politics, But can he win?

The Martyr Who Wasn't

Google's Wael Ghonim was the face of Egypt's revolution. Now the revolution is struggling. Newsweek tracks down "El Shaheed.

Interview: Pervez Musharraf

The former president of Pakistan calls the U.S. raid that killed Osama bin Laden a violation of his nation's sovereignty.

Syria: The Republic of Fear

Recent protests in Syria have brought brutal government crackdown—and renewed paranoia among dissidents.

Google Exec: I Am 'El Shaheed'

Freed from an Egyptian prison Monday, he confirms to Mike Giglio in his first interview with international media that he is the man behind the Facebook page that sparked the revolt.

Egypt's Facebook Rebel

Iran's Green Revolution had a martyr named Neda, a 26-year-old woman gunned down in the streets of Tehran. Tunisia's was Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed university graduate who set himself ablaze outside a government building. Egypt's is Khaled Said—because someone has been agitating under the dead man's name.