M.L. Nestel

Senior Writer

Shot Bystander Sues Bar For Fueling "Wild West" Melee

A civil lawsuit filed on Wednesday in Chittenden County Superior Court accuses the Nectar's Bar (or it's umbrella business Ya Dude, LLC) of "causing an outrageous and unacceptable threat to public safety" on the night of Feb. 25 into Feb. 26.

Data Breach May Expose 7 Years of FBI Investigations

"By the best available measures of the files' contents and metadata, the data was generated over decades, with the oldest data originating in 1986 and the most recent modified in 2016," read a report summary released today.

Mom's Obituary 'Censored' For Trump Insult, Son Says

A mother's obituary was rejected by a Kentucky newspaper for blaming President Donald Trump's presidency hastening her to an early grave. Now, the newspaper is offering to republish the obituary and apologizing for the "mistake."

3 Children Found Dead in Unplugged Chest Freezer

Suwannee County Sheriff's Office deputies were summoned by a 911 call of family members who pried open a locked chest freezer with all three unconscious children, ages 1, 4 and 6, inside.

Cops Capture Triple Shooting Gunman, Find Missing Girl

The Miami Gardens Police locked down a neighborhood and warned anybody who possibly sees a man believed to have shot three people Friday morning to steer clear. In a tweet, police described the suspect as "ARMED AND DANGEROUS."

'Power' Drink With Viagra Gave Man Six-Hour Erection

After downing a bottle of SX Energy Natural Power Drink a Uganda man claimed he suffered a bout of sweats, heartbeat abnormalities… and a six-hour erection due to the drink containing a key ingredient used to manufacture Viagra.

Petition To Trump: Merge Dakotas Into 'MegaKota'

"i think itd be pretty cool to have a state called MegaKota so yeah," reads Dillan Stewart's online petition addressed "to Donald trump" to combine North Dakota and South Dakota that's reaching 5,000 signatures.

Fiend Who Doused Kerosene On Nurse Still On Loose: cops

When the nurse returned to her car she told police a white man, wearing a white hoodie or jacket and black pants allegedly "made a derogatory remark to her" and then "poured a small amount of kerosene on her," before fleeing.

A 'Black Cloud' of Crows Haunts Pennsylvania Street

"You look up into the sky and you see a black cloud coming toward you, getting closer and closer," Dave Cardona, who is spending his last day as the supervisor at the 548-unit complex Congress Apartments after 38 years, told Newsweek.

Internal Affairs Cop' Under Investigation For Tweets

Lt. Brian Tate, a Columbia Police Department veteran is being probed for pillorying homeless people and slighting races while calling out gang violence as a consequence for the Confederacy's defeat in the Civil War.

Mollie Tibbetts' Mother Took in Mexican Boy

Ulises Felix, the Mexican immigrant teenager took shelter and found a second family while being welcomed into the home to live with Mollie Tibbetts' family, according to a feature published in The Washington Post.