M.L. Nestel

Senior Writer

Couple Charged For Making 7 Bomb Threats To Courthouse

Jesus Castrodad, 49, and his 32-year-old girlfriend Colleen Kasdaglis were allegedly caught on Nov. 6, shortly after what authorities allege was placing what may have been their seventh bomb threat to the courthouse.

Professor Sues University Over Transgender Pronouns

A religion and philosophy professor is suing Shawnee State University because he believes he was wrongly penalized for dismissing a transgender student's requests to use female gender words to refer to her.

Family Dog Dies Defending Owner From Attacker

Jesus Hernandez Garcia, 24, was allegedly in the middle of inflicting punishing blows to his girlfriend inside a home located on Silopanna Road on Saturday at around 6 p.m. until her dog, Mancha, tried to stop him.

Two Co-Workers Plea Guilty in Machine Gun Sting

Connecticut coworkers pleaded guilty for various charges stemming from illegally manufacturing, possessing and trying to sell AK-47-style and AR-style machine guns, suppressors, and other firearms, federal prosecutors confirmed.

Pilot's 'Loaded Gun' at Florida Airport Cancels Flight

Brian Machtemes, 54, was arrested for trying to get a conceal a loaded pistol inside his suitcase a security through a checkpoint at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Meyers, Florida, on Friday night.

C-Word Slight Seals Restaurant's Fate Before Opening

Ciao Bistro's expected opening in Ohio City is likely shelved after its owner's Facebook account responded using an offensive epithet to tepid female respondents posting on a local magazine's Facebook page.

Armed Man Takes Hostages Inside Colorado Beauty Shop

SWAT teams and crisis negotiators surrounded a Boulder, Colorado beauty salon on Wednesday morning aiming assault rifles on its storefront as an armed man with a female hostage are reportedly holed up inside.

Pharmacist Indicted for Thieving Meds, Packing Gun

The suspect was indicted Tuesday for stealing "pre-retail" prescription medications, mislabeling them so as to "defraud or mislead," misusing someone's health information and violating a court order preventing him from packing a firearm.

Autistic Son Mom Removed From Flight 'Won't Fly Again!'

The Halkuff family is reeling after being forced off an American Airlines Boeing 737 after their 5-year-old son, who has autism, experienced a fright and struggled to board. The mother told Newsweek she refuses to fly again.

'Gun-toting white supremacist' sentenced for train stop

On Friday, Taylor Wilson, who a year ago was armed with a loaded pistol when he pulled the emergency brake aboard an Amtrak train in southwest Nebraska was sentenced by a federal judge to 14 years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism and illegal gun charges.

Activists Gather in D.C. Before Final SCOTUS Vote

Large groups of demonstrators massed at various Washington D.C. buildings on Saturday -- hours before a landmark vote would confirm President Trump's nominee Brett Kavanaugh as the ninth justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.