M.L. Nestel

Senior Writer

Maher blames Kavanaugh's 'unhinged' testimony on Trump

During Bill Maher's monologue on his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian took swings at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's pugilistic tone during the judge's testimony under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Assault in Lawsuit

The Oscar-winning actor is being sued by a masseuse who claims that in the Fall of 2016 that he was a victim of sexual battery and false imprisonment when Spacey allegedly became physical with him and wouldn't let him leave his Malibu home.

Man Claims Phoenix Cop Who Paralyzed Him Lied

On Monday, Edward Brown, 35, appeared with his attorneys before reporters to reveal a gunshot entry wound on his back and returned verbal fire against a Phoenix police officer who shot him and claimed afterward that Brown was grabbing for his firearm.

Fugitive Who Threatened to Shoot Trump Is in Custody

Shawn Christy, 26, of McAdoo, Pennsylvania, remained a fugitive for 100 days. On Friday afternoon, he was captured in Ohio. He faces federal charges for transmitting in interstate commerce communications "threats to harm, injure, and kill a police chief, other law enforcement officers, and a district attorney and President Donald J. Trump," according to the federal criminal complaint.

Fugitive Priest Extradited To Face Sex Charges

Arthur Perrault, 80, evaded the law for almost three decades in Tangier, Morocco after allegedly committing a "long history of child sex abuse against vulnerable victims." He was extradited and back on American soil as of Friday and formally charged in federal court with criminal aggravated sexual abuse and abusive sexual contact with one boy on federally-protected land.

Convict Who Threatened to Shoot Trump on 'Mission'

For more than 100 days, Shawn Christy, a 26-year-old fugitive survivalist from Appalachia, has remained one step ahead of a dragnet trying to chase him down over his alleged threat to "put in a bullet" in the head of President Donald Trump.

Interlopers Complicating Good Samaritans' Hurricane Aid

Some online posts in the days leading up to Hurricane Florence were legitimate requests from families needing food, shelter or a ride. But many were getting overshadowed by messages from those seeking flings or offering services with a catch.

Hero Shields Woman From Machete-wielding Maniac

Blaine Hodge, 27, a private security guard and musician from Bakersfield, California, endured several machete gashes when he leaped into action inside of a Starbucks to shield a woman.

Are More Charges Coming for Cop Who Killed Neighbor?

A day after her arrest, Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was formally charged with manslaughter on Monday after she shot and killed her neighbor, saying shortly afterward that she mistakenly believed his apartment was her own.

U.S. Man Extradited to Bosnia for Alleged War Crimes

On Friday, Alexander Kneginich, now 58, was flown back to the war-torn country after a federal judge, honoring a 2001 warrant from Banja Luka naming him as an abettor in the slayings of three Muslim men on the early morning of March 31, 1994, agreed to send him back.

Three Men Accused of Robbing Graves for Bronze Vases

Johnathan Miquel Brittain, 36, Colby Adam Humphries, 28, and Ronnie Dale Norton II, 31, all from Anniston, Alabama, were arrested and charged in the thefts of as many as 150 bronze vases that were taken from grave sites at at least two cemeteries and sold to a local scrap metal shop, according to authorities and court records obtained by Newsweek.