M.L. Nestel

Senior Writer

Authorities Nab Married Fish Poachers In Crappie Haul

A Minnesota couple was cited for hauling in 273 crappie fish—the state limits 10 crappies per person. The May 20 incident could force the married couple to pay fines and restitution of up to $3,000, officials confirmed.

Cop Fired at Driver for Fear of Being 'Run Over'

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer, responding to a suspicious vehicle inside an airport parking lot at around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, drew and fired his pistol at a driver after perceiving "an imminent threat."

Jilted Woman Boosts Friend's Car With Her Baby Inside

Kenyetta McKinney, 22, of St. Louis, was busted by cops on Friday for child kidnapping, the theft of a car and armed criminal action among other charges, according to her arrest warrant from circuit court.

Cops Chase, Shoot 350-Pound Wild Boar

Petrol pumpers in Priceville, Alabama, got a dose of early-morning mayhem when a wild boar charged the premises and wore out cops and animal control officers, who ultimately put it down with a fatal gunshot.

Man Mounts 'Two Gin and Tonics' Defense Against DUI

Steve Foster, 61, a Democratic candidate running for U.S. Congress in Georgia's 14th District, claimed he drank only two gin and tonics—to aid his malaria—and that he was beaten in jail by Aryan inmates.

Ariz. Pol Who Killed Mom Wants More Armed 'Good Guys'

Bobby Wilson, a Republican candidate running for the Arizona Legislature, recalled in a speech at a Tucson church filled with anti-gun-violence advocates how he shot and killed his gun-toting mother back in 1963.

DA Wants Movie Rental Video Scofflaws' Late Fees

Oklahoma prosecutor Matt Ballard has enacted a policy to use his office to coax hundreds of video renting scofflaws on notice to pay their late fee balances or be hit with an arrest warrant.

Prosecutor Fleeced Grandma to Fund Firefighter Romance

A prosecutor in Hawaii landed herself on the wrong side of the law when she allegedly duped her grandmother out of $20,000 and used some of the proceeds to finance a love affair with her firefighter boyfriend.