Mo Mozuch

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Mo Mozuch

Mo Mozuch has been covering video games, culture and tech since 2012. Formerly the editor of iDigitalTimes and, later, Player.One, Mo received his Master’s in Journalism & Multimedia Arts from Duquesne University in 2007. His favorite franchises include Fallout, XCOM and Shadowrun. He considers Sid Meier’s Pirates! to be the greatest video game ever made. Don’t @ him.

Inside Bethesda's Ambitious E3 Press Event

Bethesda's E3 press event acknowledged the busted "Fallout 76" launch while unveiling big new games, like "Ghostwire: Tokyo" and "Deathloop," as well as a software-first cloud streaming solution called Orion.

A Second Honeymoon In Paris

Paris is lauded as the world's most romantic city, and all of its strengths as a travel destination are maximized with a partner by your side.

'Sekiro' Juzuo Boss Fight Walkthrough

Juzou is one of the first 'Sekiro' bosses, which means you'll probably need extra help defeating him. Here's a safe walkthrough to make it as easy as possible.