Morton Abramowitz

Why Sending More Troops Won't Save Afghanistan

Barack Obama has said that the United States needs to send an extra 10,000 troops to Afghanistan. John McCain wants to send 15,000. But before ordering more soldiers into the fray, the next U.S. president should think about Afghanistan's history—and how such surges there have failed in the past.Three decades ago, the Soviet Union tried to subdue a fundamentalist Islamic insurgency in Afghanistan by deploying 108,000 troops (at the conflict's height in 1985–86), including special forces and...

Time To Decide About Kosovo

Once again the Balkans are on the world docket. Few are paying attention, but the stakes are high: the stability of the region, the reliability of international promises, the credibility of the United Nations.

Why Albania Matters

FOR A TIME, IT looked as though Albania had become America's favorite Balkan country. The Pentagon quickly cozied up to the military once the country abandoned communism--but has now run away just as fast.

Too Juicy To Keep Secret

IF JEAN-BERTRAND ARISTIDE IS mentally unfit to rule, why has the U.S. government built its Haitian policy around him? If he isn't, why does the CIA keep telling the Congress that he is?

For Clinton, A Messy Hand

"The economy, stupid" may have been the catch phrase that won the election for Bill Clinton, but the new mantra is increasingly, "Hell . . . it's foreign policy again." In foreign affairs, George Bush is passing a messy hand to Clinton, who can't easily reshuffle the deck.

A Message To The Generals

Abramowitz, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, was U.S. ambassador to Thailand 1978-81. Military coups have been mostly a spectator sport in Thailand, much like sex scandals in the United States.