Natalie Colarossi

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Calls On ICE To End Deportations During Pandemic

"ICE should listen to the medical and public health experts who want the agency to stop terrorizing our communities and deporting harmless people during this pandemic. It's needless, cruel, and undermines the COVID-19 containment efforts," Warren tweeted on Wednesday.
Candace Owens

Candace Owens Blasts YouTube For 'Bats--- Woke' Policy

"YouTube removed an entire episode of the Candace Owens show because we said that men are not women, and women are not men. I honestly cannot even believe how absolutely bats*** woke you have to be to believe basic truth to be 'hate speech,'" the conservative commentator tweeted on Friday.
Kelly Loeffler

GA Democrats Show GOP Officals Critizing Loeffler In New Ad

"After months of denouncing her shady stock trades and her corrupt bought-and-paid-for politics, Georgia Republicans have a lot to answer for about their devastating attacks on Senator Kelly Loeffler," said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.