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What Is Affirmative Action?

"Advocates of affirmative action contend that these programs are necessary to help overcome decades of discrimination against minority citizens and women."

The Black Writer White Liberals Liked to Fear

"Baldwin was always an angry writer, yet his intelligence was so provoking and his sentences so elegant that he quickly became the black writer that white liberals liked to fear."

Why Are Most Politicians Still White?

"Having failed ultimately to win their fight in the courts, blacks must use their not insignificant numbers in the tougher arena of politics."

The Real Story Behind the Detroit Riot

"Since the riots destroyed almost every shop on 12th Street (officially renamed Rosa Parks Boulevard in 1976), residents have had to walk several miles for groceries and other everyday supplies."

Did the U.S. Win the Cold War Against Russia?

The pertinent question, then, was not so much whether Reykjavik had given Reagan yet another boost in popularity, but whether the president could transfer any of that voter support to his Senate candidates.

How Bill Clinton's Testimony Ended in Impeachment

"Mrs. Clinton, the U.S. Congress and, ultimately, the American people may learn the details of the sexual relationship between the president and the former intern -- more, perhaps, than anyone really wants to know."

If a President Lies, His White House Team Could Pay

"If he's lied, he should tell all, apologize and hope for the best. If he doesn't step forward now, the rest of his term will be consumed by prosecutorial fallout and the risk that he will have little credibility with the public."

How Bill Clinton Got Impeached

Obstruction of justice requires that a defendant knew of a "pending judicial process" and acted "corruptly with the specific intent to obstruct or interfere with the proceedings."

How the Chinese Military Became a Threat

"Although it is declared policy that a strong China is in the national interest of the U.S., American officials agree that there are limits to that concern."

The Magic of Princess Diana and Her Sons

"I understand the difficulty of maintaining privacy while living in the public eye, and Diana, in the end, appeared to be struggling to find her own role and identity."

What Princess Diana Was Really Like

"If you spent time with her, you felt Diana's extraordinary strength, as well as her vulnerability and her somewhat mocking and ever-present humor."

What Prince Charles Did Right After Diana's Death

Charles could do worse than hitch his star to the most popular prime minister in decades, while a kinship with Charles might convince those who distrust thoroughly modern Tony that the P.M. is a traditionalist at heart.

What Happens If You Can't Afford Health Care?

"No longer covered by company-sponsored health-insurance plans, a growing number of jobless workers are being forced to foot their own medical bills just when they can least afford to."