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How Resignations and Firings Brought Down Nixon

President Richard Nixon once ordered Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox for refusing to curb his investigation of controversial White House tapes. 

Why Some Military Men Really Fear LGBT People

"For young armed-forces recruits who are still uncertain of their footing in the male world, the gruff camaraderie of barracks life may provide a reassuringly masculine setting. For some, it may do the opposite."

Why Immigrants Were Given Legal Status by Ronald Reagan

"They provide a vital source of labor for the agricultural, manufacturing and restaurant industries in states where they settle in numbers, yet their status is shadowy—never quite tolerated, never quite rejected."

U.S. Has Long History of Watching White House Critics

CHAOS started quietly in August 1967, when CIA director Richard Helms ordered the creation of a small Special Operations Group to collect information on the overseas connections and activities of U.S. racial militants.