Chuck Barris: Confessions of a Dangerous Novelist

Barris created The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game and The Gong Show. But since his retirement he's become a writer best known for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. His novel Who Killed Art Deco just came out in -paperback. He spoke with Nicki Gostin.

Talking to Placido Domingo

On March 15, Plácido Domingo celebrates his 40th anniversary at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. He spoke with Nicki Gostin. Do you think about retiring?

Fast Chat: Fashion Icon Valentino

Legendary designer Valentino is the subject of a new documentary, "Valentino: The Last Emperor." He spoke with Nicki Gostin about the fashionable life. Excerpts: Do you still design clothes?Not "fashion" fashion.

Saving Private Ryan

Ryan Phillippe stars in "Stop Loss," a movie about soldiers forced to serve an extra tour of duty in Iraq. He spoke with Nicki Gostin: Did you talk to soldiers when you made the movie?

That Ms. Turner Can Still Turn Heads

Kathleen Turner has written a memoir, "Send Yourself Roses," in which she dishes about her costars. She spoke with Nicki Gostin. Why write a memoir now? A lot of it was getting to a certain place in my life where I felt I had 30 years in the business.

Nicole Kidman: The Lady in Waiting

Nicole Kidman packs a one-two punch this fall with the indie "Margot at the Wedding" and the big-budget fantasy "The Golden Compass." The actress spoke with Nicki Gostin.

Mariska Hargitay, Off the Cuff

Mariska Hargitay is back for her ninth season as Detective Olivia Benson, one of the toughest women on primetime, in "Law and Order: SVU." She spoke with Nicki Gostin.

William Baldwin on His New Show

William Baldwin, a.k.a. the cutest Baldwin, stars in ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money." He talked to Nicki Gostin. Where are you?I borrowed my mother-in-law's car while mine was being repaired, so I have to clean hers, gas it up, drop it off and pick up mine.

Will Oscar Finally Toast Peter O'toole?

It's a bit of a shock when Peter O'Toole enters a room. He's unsteady on his feet--he's 74--and his piercing blue eyes are rheumy with age. You get the feeling that a strong wind might knock him down.

Q&A With 'La Vie En Rose' Star

In 'La Vie En Rose' Marion Cotillard portrays legendary French chanteuse Edith Piaf in a performance that has been called extraordinary. Piaf ("the Little Sparrow") had a tumultuous life.

Newsmakers Q&A: Nicolas Cage

In "Ghost Rider," Nicolas Cage plays a motorcycle stuntman who gives his soul to the Devil. But first, he lent his ears to Nicki Gostin.I grew up reading them.


Q&A: MIA FARROWThe eternally ethereal Mia Farrow plays the grandmother in "Arthur and the Invisibles." She spoke with Nicki Gostin.It sure was--the food alone.

Newsmakers: George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston

He's the sexiest man alive (according to People magazine) for the second time, and he also stars in Steven Soderbergh's noir "The Good German." Clooney spoke with Nicki Gostin.Directing is the key to filmmaking.

Unriddling a Princess

Esteemed British biographer Sarah Bradford has written books about Queen Elizabeth II and Jackie Onassis. Her latest, "Diana," is a biography of the late princess.

Books: Graphic Stories--With Heart

Things were going so well for Marisa Acocella. Her cartoons were being published in The New Yorker, and at the age of 43 she had finally become engaged for the first time, to restaurateur Silvano Marchetto.

And It's Nora by a Neck

Childbirth," Nora Ephron says, "is no fun, but at the end you get a big present. This is not true of old age." Ephron is only 65, and looks a good 10 years younger--no, honestly--but she's already beginning to see the signs.

Shock Opera

Jim Dale's doberman, Georgie, enthusiastically greets every visitor to her master's cozy dressing room, begging all who enter to partake in a game of fetch.

Fabulous: It's 'Grey Gardens,' Again

The documentary "Grey Gardens" has long been adored by fashionistas and gay men, but now the cult classic is going mainstream with an off-Broadway musical and an upcoming book and movie.


Angela Lansbury's latest role is the awful great-aunt Adelaide in the delightful new kid flick "Nanny McPhee." She talked with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin. Angela Lansbury: When I read the script, I thought, Oh, gosh, this is tremendous fun.

Judi Dench

The divine Dame Judi turns in another Oscar-buzzing performance in "Mrs. Henderson Presents." She spoke with NEWSWEEK's Nicki Gostin.Well, in that you know if that is what's happening to the character you're playing, then I understood.