Nicole Goodkind

Staff Writer

Dept. of Homeland Security is like 'Car Driving Off Cliff' says House Dem.

"The chaotic state of the Department of Homeland Security is so troubling," remarked New York Congresswoman and Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey to McAleenan. "It seems like the car is driving off the cliff with no one to take the wheel. Although, I guess, Mr. Secretary, you are now the driver. Congratulations."

O'Rourke: We Need Consequences For Trump Border Policy

The former El Paso congressman said of those who advocated for the policy of border separation that "without accountability, you won't have justice. Without justice you will not have rule of law in this country and without accepting that no person, no matter what office he occupies, is above the law, then this country is not going to fulfill its promise or live according to its constitution."