Air Travel Less Safe in Shutdown, Says Union Rep

"I would say it is less safe today than a month ago. Absolutely," Trish Gilbert, executive vice president of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, told CNN. "We do not have the professionals on the job.

Trump Admin Says Taxpayers Will Fund Border Wall

"But taxpayers pay for it," responded CNN's Jim Sciutto, to which White House Strategic Communications Director Mercedes Schlapp agreed. "You know what else taxpayers are paying for? The financial burden of this illegal immigration."

Texas Republicans Could Remove Muslim-American Chair

"We don't think he's suitable as a practicing Muslim to be vice chair because he'd be the representative for ALL Republicans in Tarrant County, and not ALL Republicans in Tarrant County think Islam is safe or acceptable in the U.S."

Pelosi, Schumer Respond to Trump's Border Address

"We don't govern by temper tantrum," said Chuck Schumer, the Senate's minority leader. "No president should pound the table and demand he gets his way or else the government shuts down, hurting millions of Americans who are treated as leverage."

Trump May Declare National Emergency To Fund His Wall

"We can call a national emergency because of the security of our country, absolutely. We can do it. I haven't done it, I may do it. I may do it, but we can call a national emergency and build it quickly, it's another way of doing it," said Trump.

Trump's Economic Adviser Says Trade Wars Hurt Companies

"There are a heck of a lot of U.S. companies that have a lot of sales in China that are basically going to be watching their earnings be downgraded." Things will continue this way, "until we get a deal with China, It's not going to be just Apple," he said.

Trump's Lawyers Ask for Freeze in Emoluments Case

Justice Department lawyers representing Trump in a suit that claims he is making illegal financial gains from his Washington, D.C., hotel have asked a federal judge to postpone filings because of the government shutdown.