Owen Matthews

The New Iron Curtain?

The Kremlin has long tried to divide and conquer Europe. Now, in Hungary, its strategy is working.

Crooks or Traitors?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has unearthed a trove of dubious financial dealings by Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. But do they prove collusion? Not so much.

Putin's Pal

Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's pick for secretary of state, personifies two major concerns about the incoming administration—conflicts of interest and close ties to Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump's Syria Paradox

Trump's policies represent an impossible contradiction—to help Assad, an ally of Iran, but isolate the country elsewhere.

Putin's Stooge

Trump is moving the Republican Party away from its traditionally anti-Russian stance, and the Kremlin is relishing in its newfound role as a meddler in U.S. politics.