Pink Slips Latest Proof of Anti-Spending Pressure

Nobody likes the prospect of financially pressed school districts handing out thousands of pink slips to teachers, but Democrats' proposal for a $23 billion bailout attracted so many critics early on that it seemed doomed from the start, despite energetic lobbying by teachers' unions and congressional educational leaders.

Oprah: A Biography

What's left to say about Oprah's against-all-odds rise to become one of the most powerful women in the world? Kitty Kelley's version includes the messy, contradictory, and less-than-inspirational bits that crack Winfrey's carefully crafted image as the nation's $2.4 billion Everywoman. Kelley (and particularly Crown Books) should get some points for taking a critical look at a diva with whom most authors and publishers wouldn't tangle.

Americans Have Highest Divorce, Remarriage Rate

OK, we still have the highest divorce rate in the world. But that's the problem—"We divorce, repartner, and remarry faster than people in any other country," says Andrew Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins sociologist and author of the new book The Marriage-Go-Round.

How to Prevent a Tragedy

Tucked away in rural Southwest Virginia, remote Blacksburg is an unlikely spot for the worst school shooting in U.S. history. Nevertheless, an April 16 rampage by a mentally disturbed student, Seung-Hui Cho, left 32 people dead.