Paul Tolme

Mountain Highs

Thrill-seekers are discovering the joys of zip lines, rides that zoom over treetops at high speeds. Riders wear a harness that clips to a cable, and automatic brakes prevent crashes at the bottom.


ROBERT MCCULLOUGH, 64 As a 19-year-old civil-rights activist in Rock Hill, S.C., McCullough led a group of nine students from Friendship Junior College who chose 30-day prison sentences instead of the $100 fine levied against them for sitting in at a whites-only lunch counter in 1961.

Scrambling For Shots

On Thanksgiving, 20-month-old twins Dezmond and Diego Huckabay of Pueblo, Colo., were happy, playful and "full of pumpkin pie," according to their father, Brian.

Hiking: Just Lighten Up

You call this "roughing it"? Today's hiking and camping gear is much lighter and more luxurious than ever. With tents that have built-in air mattresses and backpacks that blast your favorite MP3s--no wonder a record number of Americans are hitting the trails.

Building Blocks

The West was won, but now it appears to be in a losing battle. In recent years the Main Streets of resort towns in the Rockies have been invaded by real-estate offices.

The Stripper-Turned-Mayor Faces A Recall

The mystery of what happened to Mayor Koleen Brooks the night of Feb. 16 has riveted Georgetown, Colo., a historic mining town deep in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains.Brooks, a former stripper in a Denver nightclub, says a fiftyish man smelling of cigarettes and whiskey hit her on the head as she walked home from her hair-and tanning-salon business that evening.