Raina Kelley

The Trouble with Arizona's Immigration Law

With the right spin doctor, Gordon Brown could seem an easy politician to admire. This was the smart, serious-minded Scot who took prudence as his watchword in his successful management of the British economy; the man who oversaw the country's longest period of economic growth and averted global catastrophe through his handling of the financial crisis. He was the clergyman's son who thrived on hard work and liked to talk of the "moral compass" offered by his parents' example.

How Police Handled the Roethlisberger Rape Allegations

I'm warning you now: do not read this post if you've just eaten or you may lose your meal. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reveals the truly vile (in my opinion) actions of the police on the evening Ben Roethlisberger allegedly raped a young woman. (No charges have been filed, and Roethlisberger has said he is innocent of any allegations.) Basing its story on the official report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the paper says: After hearing the young woman's story, Blash quickly...

Embarrassingly True Admission of the Day

USA Today is reporting that the state of Arizona will need the federal government's help in order to enforce its newly passed and very controversial immigration law.  According to the paper, "Lyle Mann, executive director of the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board, says federal assistance is 'critical' to what he describes as an unprecedented effort to prepare officers as soon as this summer to enforce the law, which gives local police authority to identify and arrest illegal...

Ben Roethlisberger Questioned in Sexual Assault (Again): Some Accusers Lie, but Fewer Than You Think

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is in (alleged) trouble again.  For the second time in two years, he's being investigated for sexual assault, though at this point the facts are still unclear and no charges have been filed. (In 2009 a hotel employee sued the football star for sexual assault and battery, false imprisonment, and infliction of emotional distress over an alleged 2008 encounter.

The Esquire Editor Speaks: Tyler Cabot Responds to Raina Kelley's Critique of the Jay-Z Profile

Earlier this week, Raina Kelley blogged about her frustration with Lisa Taddeo's Esquire profile of Jay-Z. Yesterday, Esquire features editor Tyler Cabot responded: Dear Raina,   As Lisa Taddeo's editor at Esquire, I read your post on her recent Jay-Z profile with great interest.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes a Blow for Racial Equality, Even if No One Wants to Use the 'R' Word

In the 24 hours since the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the state of Washington's law barring felons from voting violated the Federal Voters Rights Act, the story has been widely broadcast as allowing felons to vote in prison.  But the issue of prisoners participating in our democracy buries the real news in the decision.  The court threw out Washington's law because its criminal-justice system is biased against minorities.  The problem isn't with disenfranchising prisoners,...