Raina Kelley

Emma Thompson's Polanski Reversal: Even Celebs Get Peer Pressured

By now, news has reached the blogosphere that Emma Thompson has asked to remove her name from the online petition in support of Roman Polanski.  (Remember him?  He's the famous director who was convicted of unlawful sexual contact with a minor.)  Turns out that one of her fans had the courage to ask her to reconsider her support of Polanski.  Well now, I feel stupid.  I too was heartbroken that Thompson had signed the petition.

Whitney vs. Oprah: Round 2

by Raina KelleyI may be tanking my own career by concentrating on the resurrection of Whitney over all of the other work I have to do, but I don't care. Here's my recap of what happened on day two of Oprah's much-hyped interview with Whitney.3:59 p.m.:  Still excited.

The 9 Whitney Houston Songs That Changed My Life

I love Whitney Houston. I've never met her, I've never been within a mile of her, but I feel a deep and really unfathomable love of her, sight unseen. It's not one of those creepy stalker things, I swear. I just feel a kinship with her. Except for the Bobby Brown thing and the alleged drug-use thing and the reality-TV thing and the four-octave—OK, now a three-octave—vocal-range thing.