Raina Kelley

Raina Kelley Supports Young Love, Zoosk

Apparently there's been some misunderstanding about my column about Zoosk, the online matchmakers who harness the power of social networking to help people find love.  Despite the fact that the headline says "Zoosk: a Horrifying Mix of Friending and Dating," I think Zoosk is a wonderful idea.  In fact, I even say as much; So maybe Zoosk isn't such a bad idea for the young people.

A Letter to My Son On Election Night

What does Barack Obama's election mean to you? It means many things. When you are older, we will talk about how African-American children, like their parents and grandparents, have struggled to overcome the feeling that no matter how hard they study and work and try, there are barriers—some visible, others hidden but still there—that block their way.