Raina Kelley

Hillary, Barack and Identity

One would think that the fate of the free world rode on my shoulders. The New York state primary was a month ago, and my close friends and family are still pressuring me to say if I like Hillary or Barack better.

More Than Just a Month

February of every year is Black History Month, and it's easy to tell when it's here because we're inundated with images of Martin Luther King Jr. and other celebrated African-Americans.

Freegan Ride

Are freegans oddballs or sages? NEWSWEEK's Raina Kelley spent a month living as one to find out.

Dollars For Scholars

Paying kids for good grades is a popular (if questionable) parenting tactic. But when school starts next week, New York City will try to use the same enticement to get parents in low-income neighborhoods more involved in their children's education and overall health.

Travel: May I See Some I.D.?

Attention, all snow bunnies and sun seekers. Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security, starting Tuesday, all Americans will need a passport to enter or re-enter the United States by airplane from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. (Until now, only a driver's license was required.

Let's Talk About Race

If you're just back from Thanksgiving in Antarctica, let me be the first to tell you that Michael Richards, the actor best known as Cosmo Kramer from "Seinfeld," let loose a racist tirade on a couple of hecklers at the Laugh Factory in L.A.

Dying to Be Thin

Award-winning photographer Lauren Greenfield has spent her career using the camera to explore the effect of culture on women's bodies. But when Greenfield visited the Renfrew Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders in Florida, she was unprepared for the depths some women will sink to in order to get skinny.

Shopping Around

It's almost impossible to open a newspaper or watch television without hearing about the "cooling" housing market in the United States. There are 4 million homes currently for sale, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Ask the Pro: A Helping Hand

Does checking your kids' homework make you feel as if you're back in school? Rosalind LaRocque, director of educational issues at the American Federation of Teachers, talked with TIP SHEET's Raina Kelley about how to help out on homework without doing it yourself.So they can reinforce and practice skills they've already learned, and so teachers can assess a student's mastery of the information.

Falling for Theater

A chill in the air, squash on every restaurant's menu and the dispiriting reappearance of Ugg boots can only mean one thing … autumn has arrived in New York City.

Rebuilding Your Body

At 42, Sally Seeley was barely able to walk. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her late 20s, she tried a range of treatments from water aerobics to Vioxx. But her condition only got worse.

My So-Called Life

In the event this is a deal breaker, you should know right off the bat that "The Stolen Child," by Keith Donohue, belongs to the genre known as fantasy, and that its pages are populated by hobgoblins and changelings.

Knock Knock

Millions of people dream of starting a small business, but 36-year-old Jen Bilik wasn't one of them. Instead, she wanted to write a memoir designed like an illustrated, annotated yearbook.

Safety: Baby, One More Time

Oops. She did it again. Britney Spears was photographed driving last week, with her son, Sean Preston, in an improperly installed car seat. It's easy to pile on Britney, but experts say it's not an uncommon mistake for new moms and dads.

Ask the Pro

Matrimonial LawyerTrapped in a miserable marriage? TIP SHEET's Raina Kelley asked Felder how to get out with your dignity and your shirt.Gather all the financial info you can 'cause it's often a matter of he who has the best information wins.