Ramsey Touchberry

Washington Correspondent

Omar Received Death Threats After Being Targeted by QAnon Candidate

The Democratic Congresswoman said she's received death threats after a GOP candidate posted a photoshopped image with the Republican brandishing an assault rifle in front of Omar and others while urging "strong conservative Christians to go on the offense against these socialists."

White House Covid Task Force Reports Contradict Public Claims by Trump

The documents show that while Trump and Pence publicly tried to quell fears by saying the resurgence of the virus was "overblown" and that it is "going to disappear," top health officials warned "red zone" states about increased spread and advised specific mitigation efforts that often went ignored.

Pelosi Says Biden Should Skip Debates with Trump

The California Democrat told reporters President Donald Trump would only "belittle what the debates are supposed to be about" and would "proudly act in a way that is beneath the dignity of the presidency."

Socialism Trumps Pandemic at RNC—Except for Melania Trump

An array of President Donald Trump supporters have used their speaking time this week to forgo mention of the Covid-19 pandemic, or simply refer to the health crisis in passing as they described Democrats' alleged dark plot to turn America into a socialist nation.

Stimulus Talks in Congress Remain Hopelessly Deadlocked

Partisan barbs offered by top lawmakers Thursday amplified just how divided Washington's leaders are over how—or even if—they should further assist the American people in recovering from the pandemic's toll on the U.S. economy.