Ramsey Touchberry

Washington Correspondent

How Democrats' Bill Could Change U.S. Policing

Getting the reform package, which includes a ban on police chokeholds and the elimination of qualified immunity for officers, across the finish line will not be an easy task—and Democrats know it.

GOP's Murkowski is 'Struggling' to Vote For Trump Over Protest Response

The condemnation from former Defense Secretary James Mattis and the GOP senator add to the growing list of politicos and military figures who have denounced Trump's handling of the civil unrest that has sparked in cities from coast to coast over the death of a black man by a white police officer.

What to Watch for As These 8 States and D.C. Head to the Primaries

While the Democratic presidential primary has all but been determined, members of Congress in both parties are up against some tough primary races. And the key congressional contests will come as a test for November on whether America can successfully—and safely—vote during a health crisis.

Why a Bipartisan Revolt Killed the House's Spy Bill

The move to nix a vote that would reauthorize expired portions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act comes after a collapse of broad support for legislation that was the culmination of months of negotiations between the White House, the Justice Department and Congress.

White House Considers Paying Unemployed People to Return to Work

Under Senator Rob Portman's proposal, the federal government would pay $450 a week to those who return to the workforce. Republicans have argued that the extra $600 per week jobless bonus now in place is a disincentive for people to go back to work.

WHO Pauses Hydroxychloroquine Trial Amid Safety Concerns

The trial pause comes the day after the president revealed he was no longer taking the unproven coronavirus treatment and prevention method that health experts and officials—including within the Trump administration—have warned not to use.

Republicans Signal Another Stimulus Will Come—But Not Anytime Soon

The effects of anything Congress does pass will likely not be felt for months to come, with potential legislation still weeks away from being approved. Still, some GOP senators said following a meeting with President Trump that there is growing acceptance among them that more relief is inevitable.