Ramsey Touchberry

Washington Correspondent

Cash Bonuses for Essential Workers Faces Uphill Battle With Republicans

Mounting hesitance among conservatives for any further economic relief—much less thousands of dollars for individuals—has the potential to sideline another bipartisan stimulus when coupled with Democrats' expeditious desire to dole out sums of money to the countless number of frontline workers.

A White House Ventilator and PPE Sharing Plan Could Calm Political Battles

As the White House drew fire for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, senior adviser Jared Kushner was setting the wheels in motion to create a ventilator and PPE exchange program. His former college roommate, Adam Boehler, "one of the best innovators in health care," was tapped to lead it.

Pelosi Faces Hurdles with New Oversight Panel for Coronavirus Money

Increasing Congress' oversight ability of coronavirus relief packages faces hurdles, including fierce accusations from Republicans of injecting partisan politics into a global health crisis—tension that could exacerbate talks as Democrats push for more aid amid skyrocketing unemployment numbers.