Rana Foroohar

Death of the Dollar Redux

I want to respond to a reader who commented on yesterday's post about the possibility that the U.S. dollar might be replaced by a new type of currency known as an "SDR": Reader: "[You suggest in your post that] 'Americans won't be able to live quite as large as they have in the past.' This is a vague statement.

Russia Enters Its Lost Decade

Oil may be up, but Russia, strangely, is down. Commodities prices, on which Russia's economy is ever dependent, have been rising for the past several months, leading some economists to predict a return to 3 percent growth (from the current negative-10 percent) by next year, and even higher figures in the future.

Fading Dragon

The word in Asia is that Hong Kong may be a has-been. In April, Chinese officials announced they want Shanghai to become a global financial center by 2020.