Ravi Somaiya

The New Revolutionaries

It's not just the 4th of July holiday that's raising memories of revolution. The idea of active anti-government resistance, once the province of the fringe or a mere historical parable, is now a common component of the national discourse.

Trust Us, Asks Oil Industry in Face of Deepwater Drilling Moratorium

Representatives of several oil companies will stand in front of a federal judge today and ask for a moratorium on deepwater drilling to be lifted. The government argues that more work needs to be done to assess the issues associated with drilling at depth. BP CEO Tony Hayward argues ... well, nothing really. He was busy racing his yacht over the weekend.

The Other Spills

While the gulf oil spill gets all the attention, less high-profile but often equally damaging oil and gas spills continue across America and around the world.

What Happened to Darfur?

Last month, according to a United Nations report, about 600 people were killed violently in Darfur—the largest number since the U.N. was deployed in 2008. So why aren't we paying attention anymore?

Helen Thomas Retires Over Israel Remarks

It's a sad end to a wonderful career, but perhaps not too surprising for a woman who was increasingly partisan in her golden years. Helen Thomas, who turns 90 on Aug. 4, announced her sudden retirement Monday following a firestorm of controversy over some ill-chosen remarks about Israel, which found their way onto YouTube.