Rebecca Dana

Playing it Cool

This Brooklyn-based hipster outlet has exploded over the last decade.

Snoop Let the Dogg Out

The bestselling rap artist, né Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. and formerly known as Snoop Dogg, has changed his name yet again, officially becoming Snoop Lion last week at a press conference in a Jamaican restaurant in Manhattan. With the switch comes a whole new identity—as a reggae singer—and a coordinated media push, including a new album and a documentary about the Dogg's ascent to the top of the animal kingdom.

He's Back!

You may not like it, but Maria Shriver is giving Ahhnold a second chance.

The Anti-Fox Makeover

Can an election year, Occupy Wall Street, and Keith Olbermann propel Al Gore's Current TV out of oblivion?

Ice Queens

They save their eggs and thrive at work. Diane Sawyer's secret to resetting the biological clock.

The Minigarch Next Door

A 22-year-old just bought Manhattan's priciest pad. Meet the Russians taking America by storm.

An Interview with James Frey

The famed fabulist talks about his new book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, and how he feels about the critics.