Who Is Michelle Obama?

She's the one who keeps him real, the one who makes sure running for leader of the free world doesn't go to his head. Michelle's story.

The Expectation Gap

Obama and Clinton each claim they can bring about change. But candidates have been promising that forever, so why should voters buy in this time? A reality check.

A Simmering Debate in S.C.

Family therapists might want to study the two Democratic get-togethers over the last week. Both were nominally about race in America, and  both involved the same three candidates.

The Incremental Revolutionary

The Clintons' line about Obama is that he's all talk and little action—star of 'the biggest fairy tale I have ever seen,' said Bill. So what's the reality?

Hillary's Family Intervention: Is It Too Late?

Hillary Clinton's ritual end-of-day conference call with senior advisers on Dec. 11 was anything but a normal strategy session. Clinton's aides had just learned of the next day's New York Daily News story (headline: HONEY, I'LL FIX THE CAMPAIGN), about Bill Clinton yelling at his wife's team and the prospect of a campaign staff shake-up. "I want to be really clear about one thing," Clinton said, chuckling, according to a person on the call. "We're not having a shake-up.

Putting On Their Game Faces

Democratic voters, stung by crushing defeats in 2000 and 2004, may just want a candidate who can win. How Obama and Clinton are each making the case.

Barack Strikes Back

He's still a little uneasy pursuing politics as a game, played to win. But Obama is suiting up now.

Lost in the Cornfields

Is John Edwards in trouble in Iowa? Peg Dunbar thinks so. She signed up as a county chair for Edwards in the northeastern town of Waverly earlier this year, after backing the former senator's campaign in 2004.

The Gospel According to Obama

During a stop in Tennessee last year, Barack Obama met with a group of black ministers. Among the topics they discussed: gay marriage, which Obama opposes, like most of his audience that day.

The Man Without Doubt

A man with a reputation for secrecy and seclusion, Vice President Dick Cheney has spent the past few months out in public. He campaigned in the midterm elections, traveled to Saudi Arabia to talk security and eulogized former president Gerald Ford.