Richard Wolffe

Hillary's Reading Habits

Yes, the two new books on Hillary Clinton go into lurid detail about her marriage to Bill and the Arkansas years. Yes, they portray her as less-than-human, veering from ambitious to paranoid and back again.

Wolffe: Dinner With the Queen

Maybe it was the white tie and tails. Or maybe it was the backdrop of a four-year-old war and 28 percent approval ratings. But the state dinner at the White House on Monday night was an otherworldly event—marking if not the end of an era, then the beginning of the end.It was also, of course, a splendid party fit for a queen: Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip.

Thanks So Much For the Interview, Reverend. These Handcuffs Actually Feel Kind Of Nice

How did the New York Times get that blunt interview this week with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the preacher now in a very public dispute with Barack Obama?According to the Times' piece, Wright, Obama's longtime friend and mentor, detailed how the senator privately disinvited him from the launch of his presidential campaign last month in Springfield, Ill.