Robert Reich

Newsweek Columnist and chancellor’s professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley

Amazon, and America's Real Divide

Amazon's decision to split its new headquarters between New York and DC reveals much about the political and economical divides in America today.

Kavanaugh and the Bullying Class

The drama that took place in the Kavanaugh-Ford hearings on September 27 was a window into our bullying culture of privileged white men.

Why Millennials Will Save America

In my thirty-five years of teaching college students, I've not encountered a generation as dedicated to making the nation better as this one.

Musk, Trump and the Second Gilded Age

Musk seems to genuinely care about the future of humanity. But, like Trump, Musk loves to upend the status quo by breaking norms and maybe even some laws.

Trump Is Taking a Meat Ax to Regulation

He's creating a new form of trickle-down economics—where the benefits go to corporate executives and major investors, while the costs and risks land on the rest of us.