Roya Wolverson

In Trouble For Show And Tell

For Demarcus Blackwell, having the "sex talk" with his 15-year-old son was "kind of embarrassing." But that was nothing compared with the idea of explaining sexual harassment to his preschooler. "He doesn't have the slightest clue about sex anything," says Blackwell, of Waco, Texas, whose 4-year-old son Christopher was suspended last year for sexual harassment when a female school aide reported that the child buried his face in her chest when she hugged him. "How do you explain what's a better...

Wind Energy: Farmers vs. Citiots

For cash-strapped farmers with plenty of open land, wind-energy turbines offer a sorely needed windfall. But "not in my backyard" clashes are arising throughout the East and mid-Atlantic regions, pitting local farmers against "citiots"—people who "buy a second home and affect community decisions by being there two days a week," says Frank Masaino, spokesman for a mid-Atlantic coalition of wind developers.