Russ Juskalian

How Teen Experiences Affect Your Brain for Life

Thanks to sophisticated imaging technology and a raft of longitudinal studies, we're learning that the teen years are a period of crucial brain development subject to a host of environmental and genetic factors.

Why It's Hard to Do Marijuana Research

Voters in several states said no to more-liberal marijuana laws. But for scientists, restrictive pot policy could be keeping them from better understanding how the drug works on our brains and bodies.

Rethinking Alcoholism

Though Alcoholics Anonymous and the many subspecies of programs it has birthed still dominate the alcohol-treatment landscape, new remedy ideas that don't include abstinence are starting to get attention.

The Mysteries of Lyme Disease

A mysterious rash leads to a confusing diagnosis and more questions than answers. Although Lyme disease has been an American presence for 35 years, there's still a lot doctors don't know about it.