Rusty Foster

Today in Tabs: Malcolm Godwell

Target screws a third of America, West Virginia can't drink its tap water, and Malcolm Gladwell figures out that whole "religion" thing. Everything from the whole Internet, right here.

Today in Tabs: Bridges of Bergen County

The Chris Christie saga continues, a radioactive sun cloud heads for Earth, and Cormac McCarthy's wife carries firearms in her private parts. It's Today in Tabs!

Today in Tabs: Pogue Mahone

The War on Poverty turns 50, media power couples, and Roger Ailes being as awful as you'd imagine. It's Today in Tabs!

Today in Tabs: All Spoilers

A semi-random daily roundup of Internet news which we expect will be useful in a couple centuries when they get around to figuring out what went wrong.

Today in Tabs: Re/tab

A Snapchat hack, amnesty for Edward Snowden, and All Things Dated. It's Today in Tabs!

Today in Tabs: Sadvertising

Facebook gets auto-play ads, Brian Stelter gets a Lifetime movie, and Jamie Dimon's holiday card is perfection. Here's everything you meant to read about.

Today in Tabs: Big Doge

Shteyngart's memoir has a trailer and Google gets into military robots. It's Today in Tabs.

Today in Tabs: Dolorous Umbrage

Outraged music critics, debatable David Foster Wallace casting, and homelessness solved via app: Stop reading the Internet, it's all here.