Ryan Sit

Staff Writer

Ryan Sit is a Breaking News reporter at Newsweek. He previously covered crime and law enforcement at the New York Daily News and breaking news at Inside Edition. He’s a New York City transplant from the San Francisco-Bay Area and is still looking for good tacos. 

How Big Is the NRA?

Nobody knows how many dues-paying members the NRA really has, because it won't release regular or verified membership rolls. A Newsweek analysis found it could be significantly fewer than what the gun group claims.

What Is a 'Badge Factory'?

"It's almost like departments are operating like a real-life 'Westworld,' where people with means can pretend they're cops.... It's just insane."

Amber Rose Slams Bullies Who Called Her Son Gay

Rose—who started the Amber Rose Foundation and the Amber Rose Slutwalk to combat derogatory labels, sexual violence and gender inequality—lashed out at the hateful commenters.