Ryan Sit

Staff Writer

McConnell Delays Gun Debate to Queue Up Bank Bill Vote

The Senate Majority Leader scheduled a banking reform bill for consideration this week, effectively delaying a debate on gun control in Congress's upper chamber as much of the country turns to Capitol Hill for stricter firearms regulations. 

Trump Adviser Sold Stock Ahead of Tariff Announcement

Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor who advised the president on regulatory reform, sold millions in steel-related stocks days before President Donald Trump announced he would impose steep tariffs on foreign steel.

Don Lemon Sort of Apologizes for False Fox News Claim

Don Lemon said he shouldn't have used Hope Hicks's resignation to point out that Fox News buries stories that are unflattering to President Donald Trump or his White House. "I mean, that was a bad example. And so apologies for that," he said.

YouTube Deleted InfoWars Reporter's Account

YouTube terminated the account of InfoWars' Washington D.C. bureau chief Jerome Corsi after his channel received two warnings for violating the platform's bullying and harassment policy.

Florida Lawmakers Vote to Arm Teachers

Despite objections from parents, politicians and survivors of the Parkland high school shooting, Florida legislators decide teachers should get gun training.

Space: Trump's Capitalist Frontier

President Donald Trump's administration has been slashing regulations all over the government, from net neutrality to environmental protection, and its collective gaze has turned to outer space.

NRA Was Promoting Gun Sales as School Shooting Unfolded

The National Rifle Association urged its nearly 500,000 followers to "buy your loved one a gun" on Valentine's Day as a teenager in Florida was opening fire on his former high school classmates with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Guardian Angels Celebrate 39th Anniversary

Chapters range from San Francisco to Boston, Israel to Japan, but the civilian crime-fighting group began as the brainchild of a McDonald's manager fed up with the mayhem in 1970s New York.