Sally Atkinson

Latter-day Domination

Maybe Mitt Romney should have taken up tango. While some voters are still uneasy about a Mormon presidential candidate, Americans seem plenty comfortable voting for Mormons in another type of election: prime-time dance shows.

Cheaper Ways To Fly To Europe

You can fly round trip to London for $200 to $300, so why is it $1,000 to Germany? —Dan R. Foose, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Keep in mind that flights from the United States to Germany are an hour and a half longer than to London, so it's only logical that they cost more.

Getaways: Nature's Night Life

Point your dogsled north this winter for a glimpse of the stunning aurora borealis—a curtain of colored lights formed when solar flares react with Earth's magnetic field. They shine all year long but will be most spectacular in the next few months, particularly during March's equinox.

Long Odds In Powerball Jackpots

With those huge Powerball jackpots, do the odds of winning change substantially between buying $1 and $5 in tickets? —Dustin Ivanic, Gilbert, Ariz. Unlike a raffle, with Powerball your chance of winning isn't affected by how many tickets are sold.