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Kayaking Along Croatia's Coast

A waiter from a local restaurant walks around the docks in the small medieval fishing village of Zaton Bay, just outside Dubrovnik's Old Town. Holding a spear on his shoulder, he is looking for an octopus in the shallow waters along the coast. He stabs it just as we walk by, and proudly displays it for his son to see.

Taking the James Bond Tour

"Do you see the targets?" I ask "Agent Q" through my covert earpiece as we walk toward Trafalgar Square."No.""There," I say, catching a glimpse. "They are headed south toward the lion statue on the east staircase.""Targets identified," she confirms over the static.We pick up the pace, adrenaline pumping. "You go ahead and I'll trail behind," I say, panting.My mission for the weekend: to track organized-crime members linked to terrorism.

Easter: Eggs For Adults Only

Why should kids get all the good Easter treats? These chocolate eggs are much too precious to waste in their wicker baskets. The Harvey Nichols Limited Edition, available only at stores in Britain and Ireland, is an 80cm-tall solid milk-chocolate egg inside a Valrhona dark-chocolate shell, flecked with gold-leaf designs (five available at $1,120 each; for stores).Award-winning London chocolatier Paul A.

Travel: Genealogical Tour Guides

For those eager to trace their roots without doing reams of research, genealogical tour guides will handle all the legwork. Scottish Ancestral Trails will design a trip built around any information—surname, birth certificate, old photos. "If you heard your grandmother singing a song about how she used to live on a hill overlooking a town, we can go with that," says co-owner Lesley Gray.

By Land and By Sea

Booking a room at a hotel doesn't necessarily mean sleeping there. Some coastal hotels are buying or renting private yachts for guests who want to split their stay between land and water.

Luxury Opera Packages

The passing of Luciano Pavarotti has inspired much lamenting about the future of opera. Aficionados needn't worry; a number of companies are offering special opera tours that combine spectacular singing with unforgettable dining and accommodations.Euridice Opera organizes personalized trips that can include meeting a singer or even a private performance at, say, England's Glyndebourne Festival.

Hiking In High Style

There's no better way to explore a place than on foot. But forget the trail mix and sleeping bags; walking tours are increasingly going upscale, adding amenities from goat-cheese tastings to bath butlers.

The Good Life

Have you always dreamed of vacationing on your own private island? It's still possible, even in heavily trafficked destinations like the Maldives, without having to go to the trouble of buying the land yourself.

The Good Life

Too often on business trips, the end of a workday means room service and perhaps a drink at a nondescript hotel bar. But if you choose a hotel in the right place, you can greatly improve your entertainment options once your work is done.

Cruises For Hobbyists

When you're picking a cruise, the first question used to be "Where do I want to go?" These days, the traveler is just as likely to ask "What do I want to do?" Some options for a themed cruise:Art and architecture: Wind through the waterways of some of the world's most prominent architectural capitals, including Venice, Istanbul and Athens.

Spaced Out

The mini space race to send civilians to the moon is light-years away. Why wait? In September, the American Museum of Natural History's Discovery Tours launches a travel program that allows you to do almost everything to become an astronaut--except leave planet Earth.

Beauty: Golden Glow

Still washing your face with soap and water? You're worth a lot more than that. Sales of ultra-expensive facial skin-care products are outpacing the mass market from China to Italy, with an emphasis on delicate natural ingredients.

Tip Sheet

TRAVEL Trips For TrailblazersIf you relish beating the crowds to up-and- coming destinations, you should be looking at central Africa, and at Libya. The North African nation has long been popular among British, German and Italian tourists.


FASHION Designer Togs For Tykes Syria Lam spent $300 for a wine-red, velvet Simonetta suit for her 3-year-old son to wear to a wedding. She considered it a good investment. "He was potty-trained," says the Hong Kong mom of three, "so I didn't worry about accidents."Never mind that he only wore it a few times.

Sex On The Beach

After vacationing in Jamaica, an anonymous American woman logged on to, a Web site devoted to the island. But she didn't want to comment on the weather, the food or even her tan.