Quote of the Day: Michael Steele

"I work every day in this job, as I like to put it, to turn the elephant. Now, I don't know if you ever had to turn an elephant, but the end you have to start with is not necessarily the best place to start."—RNC Chairman Michael Steele, describing his attempts to make amends between the Republican Party and the black community.

A Ticket to the Circus

The high times of Norman Mailer, as seen from the perspective of Norris Church Mailer, his much younger, good-humored sixth wife. She takes you ringside for 33 tumultuous years with one of 20th-century literature’s biggest icons.

To Nancy Drew on Her 80th Birthday: You're a Nintendo Game?!

Nancy friggin' Drew—happy birthday, baby! Our favorite slim sleuth of River Heights turns 80 this year, not that she looks her age. Botox, Pilates, intravenous chardonnay therapy—to whatever she's doing to look so fab, we say cheers. In her latest incarnation, Drew sports a trendy motorcycle jacket over a sporty striped shirt and uses some slick Ashleigh Banfield glasses to help scan for crime-scene clues. And she's kicking it these days with a new gig, as the title character in a THQ Nintendo DS game out this month: "Nancy Drew: The Model Mysteries."Of her celebratory, birthday reimagining, we should start by saying that this isn't the first videogame version of Drew's sleuthing (it's just the latest), nor is a makeover for the teen a new fad. Quirky, multiplatform reboots are all the rage for young-adult lit serials: witness the revived Goosebumps novels (now a new series and online "theme park"); the Hardy Boys spinoffs; or this...

Tweeple Trail: Tiger Woods Had Better Win the Masters, Or Else

Last week, Tiger's sexts were the talk of Twitter—from the golfer's predictably nasty ones to our favorite, "No turkey unless it's a club sandwich."  But now, with Woods confirmed to appear at Augusta in fewer than two weeks, Tweeps are forecasting what his sordid text-trail will mean on the course. Can he withstand the embarrassment to pull off one of the "most shocking comebacks in sports history," like Rick Reilly says he'd better? Can he shore up against more media attention than he's ever received in his over-scrutinized life (for the first time in recent memory, People is accredited to cover the Masters )?  After a five-month layoff, Woods is the odds-on favorite according to Golf Digest, but Golf.com's Jim Suttie thinks it'd be a coup if Woods made the top ten. "[He] just won't be tuned into the competitive mindset that a Tour player needs to win," he writes.  Punditry: what think ye?  @JimmyTraina: If he...

Wait, What? Obama Still Smokes?!

The First Physical came and went Sunday, handing down a clean bill of health for President Obama—but we've been loving the feverish reaction to doc Jeff Kuhlman's note about "smoking cessation efforts." The New York Daily News wonders how much the president is still smoking, while CBS calls him "Smoker In Chief"; The Christian Science Monitor helpfully suggests to the president that instead of Nicorette he try "not inserting a cigarette into [his] mouth." Politico went with reporterly deadpan: "The president is chewing nicotine gum, according to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs." But Huff Po's Andy Borowitz wins the Headline Award: OBAMA TO GOP: I WILL QUIT SMOKING IF YOU WILL QUIT BEING DICKS.

Book Review: Jane Austen's Zombie Mashups

Textually speaking, it's tolerable menfolk Lizzy finds in short supply—not loyal girlfriends. Elizabeth Bennet, the pride of Pride and Prejudice, is steeped in enough estrogen to last a lifetime of Yoplait ads. Besides her meddling mother, gaggle of sisters, and loyal best friend, there's her 200-year-old fan club of female readers, rivals to Potter nuts and Trek fiends in fervor. So where is the sisterhood in her hour of need?...

Heidi Montag: Why Her Plastic Surgery Disturbs Us

By the time she turned 21 in September 2007, MTV reality star Heidi Montag had already had a nose job, collagen lip injections, and implants that turned her A-cups into cantaloupe-round 32-Cs. There are many things wrong with this scenario, but here are the 11 things that disturbed us the most.

Design Porn Goes to the Movies

See Jane scramble. She's a mother, girlfriend, mistress, gal pal, owner of a thriving patisserie, and therapy patient. Not that you'd pick up oversubscribed vibes if you swung by for a glass of chardonnay. Her octopus-armed life unfolds in a universe of serenity, where barely a square inch of floor is ungraced with sisal, nary a window untreated with glazed linen. In the comfort of her rambling, terra-cotta-shingled ranch, Jane bathes in a claw-foot tub and dines atop gray-veined Carrara marble. You root for her to find love. You hanker for one of her homemade chocolate croissants. But mostly, you wish you were holding a gift-registry scanner.If only you could get inside. Jane actually lives in the fictional space of It's Complicated, the film starring Meryl Streep and directed by Nancy Meyers. Meyers's movies (Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday) have earned her a cult following among the design-porn set; the Hamptons beach house from 2003's Something's Gotta Give was a sensation...

Tracy Morgan Caves and Joins Twitter

After the massive viral campaign to get Tracy Morgan to join Twitter hit fever pitch yesterday, his rep just told Pop Vox that the actor has officially caved. His first tweet? "Welcome to Tracy Morgan's world." Follow the most-desired Tweeter in the world here.