Sarah Ball

What's Black and White and Red All Over?

Not The New York Times, but you're getting warm—the answer is the flagging paper's balance sheets. So says Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones, anyway, in segment of the show that tours the Times' newsroom and profiles "aged news," in part via a very uncomfortable sit-down interview with Bill Keller himself.

Say It Ain't So! Everybody Hates Will Ferrell

I postulated earlier that Land of the Lost may be Will Ferrell's worst-reviewed film in his career as a big-time leading man. Turns out, that's just about the kindest thing that's been written about the comedian this week: as the Los Angeles Times writes in a sprawling feature today, Hollywood views him as a guy whose "movie-star credentials should be revoked." Say what?!Industry insiders and studio execs sound off about Universal's dinosaur-sized failure in the story, which specifically cites...

Morning Mix: Adam Lambert Comes Out, Officially

Adam Lambert Comes Out -- and Says a Lot of Other Stuff, Too. In Rolling Stone's cover story this week -- a profile of Adam Lambert, runner-up of American Idol -- the rocker admits that he is gay, and moreoever, that he was semi-attracted to Kris Allen, his roommate and a "pretty" guy who is "totally [his] type."  But more interesting, he essentially admits he decided to try out for Idol after tripping on shrooms. [Rolling Stone via USA Today]The Gosselins Don't Beat Their Pets -- That Hard.

"The Hangover" Seizes Top Honors -- Plus Soundtrack Scoops!

This morning's Mix gave you the dish on the weekend box office numbers as they were -- namely, with Up squeaking out a sliver of a victory over runner-up The Hangover.  But hold the presses!  The Todd Phillips-directed buddy flick -- for which we interviewed the supremely funny Zach Galifianakis last week -- actually took top honors once all cash was counted.  And they truly eeked it out -- the margin between the films is roughly $300,000 to $400,000, Warner Brothers estimated.  By the...

Gwyneth Paltrow Will Come to Rue Her Blog's Name

Gwyneth Paltrow was on Conan O'Brien's fourth Tonight Show last night, and typically, she showed off her toned stems (thanks, Iron Man 2 preparation) by wearing a scrap of wisp of a dress.  But while she attempted to dazzle the world with her wit and child-rearing tips (give 'em beer and Jay-Z -- really), bloggers and Twitter-ers were instead dazzled by her unnaturally shiny legs.  She was wearing sequins and her legs still had more sheen and blinding sparkle than her dress, for God's sake. ...

Carradine's Suicide Disputed; Rep Calls Hanging "Accidental"

Friends and family of actor David Carradine, who was found dead this morning in his Thai hotel room, are now saying that they dispute Thai authorities' pronouncement that the 72-year-old committed suicide.  Director Adam Rifkin -- who worked with the actor -- has said he "find[s] it extremely hard to believe that ... [this] was done in by his own hand."   Meanwhile, Carradine's mother-in-law Betty Fraser also disputes the suicide claims, saying that "he was a very strong person and I don't...

Stuck in 2-D During a 3-D Craze

 If there's one thing I love about going on a Maine vacation with my family, it's heading to the movies.  The local theater's admission cards are ripped from a wheel of repurposed raffle tickets; the previews are slideshows of local homes and wildlife, and the movies are invariably a week (or three) behind urban America's release dates.

Morning Mix: Will Gosselin Covers Save Print Media?

"Hamlet" to Become Modern Suspense Thriller. A contemporary, American-set version of Hamlet is in negotiations, and set to fill the title role with actor Emile Hirsch, who helped conceive the idea.  The project already has good cred: it'll be produced by Milk's producers; written by Philadelphia's scripter; and directed by Twilight and thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke. [The Hollywood Reporter]Is "People" in Cahoots With TLC?

"Wall Street 2" Will be Faustian at the Very Least

New scoops about the new sequel to Wall Street, for a which a script'll be handed in this week, all per Nikki Finke. Just as the original leaned heavily on actual bankers to lend technical advice about finance culture and insider trading, so too will the second one, to be released in Febrary 2010.  A rundown of the key players, and what we can look forward to:Michael Douglas -- of course, reprising his role as Gordon Gekko.  This time he's fresh out of prison and disgraced, and telling...

Laughing at the Real Estate Bust -- Too Soon?

It's Up versus Drag Me to Hell this weekend -- and with it, a fundamental question.  Are ya happy you bought a house? The (above-linked) trailer for Drag Me to Hell -- about a loan officer denying a mortage extension to an old hag, and facing the wrath of the underworld for it -- kinda looks like a tepid installment of Are You Afraid of the Dark?  But amazingly, the horror-thriller is currently tied with critical darling Star Trek for a 95 percent positive review rating on Rotten Tomatoes. ...

Bad High School Sitcoms, Run For Cover

We saw a sneak peek-let of Judd Apatow's summer comedy Funny People a while back, including some parts in which Jason Schwartzman, who plays an actor reduced to work in a bad network sitcom, brags about his enviable gig and steady paycheck to his unemployed comedian friends.  (Cue a riotous Jonah Hill take-down--is there any better kind?) Now, to virally market the upcoming film, there's an official YouTube channel and an NBC site for the fake show, called Yo, Teach!, a sarcastic riff on '90s...