Sarah Garland

Sweden's Scores Plunge in International Tests

In Sweden, forget stock prices: it's plunging test scores that are causing a national panic. Once 11th in the world in science rankings, Sweden's scores on international eighth-grade tests fell 42 points between 1995 and 2007—one of the worst declines among the 35 nations tested.

Refugees Increase As Global Violence Flares

One thing worse than fear of recession is fear of war, and to a surprising degree, war is on the rise. While it's been widely noted that the financial crisis in rich Western nations is slowing and in some cases even reversing the flow of economic immigrants, the tide of political refugees is rising.

Oaxaca City Offers Ruins and Great Food

Just two years ago, the restaurants and shops in this colonial Mexican city were closed off to outsiders after protesters and soldiers briefly turned it into a battleground.