Sarah Kliff

2010: Take Back America: A Battle Plan

In their seventh co-written book, husband-wife team Dick Morris and Eileen McGann give their take on the Obama administration (summary: lots of debt, socialism run rampant), which Democrats should be targeted by Republicans in the 2010 congressional races, and the best way to campaign against them.

Teen Birthrate Declines: Good News Nationally, Still Bad News Globally

  The teen birthrate declined 2 percent in 2008, according to new, preliminary data released by the CDC. The new number is a welcome relief for public-health officials: between 2006 and 2008, the teen birthrate had increased 4 percent, halting a decades-long trend of dropping adolescent childbearing through the 1990s and early 2000s.What caused this drop in teen births is difficult to say but will likely be subject to numerous spins in the coming days.

Not the 'Best-Covered' Story, But Not Bad Either

A great, thought-provoking Trudy Lieberman piece in the Columbia Journalism Review today on whether The New Republic's Harold Pollack is accurate in calling "Press coverage of health care reform … the most careful, most thorough, and most effective reporting of any major story, ever." Lieberman's basic point: while there has been a whole lot of reporting on health-care reform, it hasn't necessarily left Americans more informed.

Anti-Abortion-Rights Activists Make Smart Rhetorical Moves In Georgia, Nebraska

Late last week, the Georgia Senate approved a bill barring gender- and race-specific abortions. If it becomes law, the bill, dubbed The Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act, would criminalize a person who performs an abortion "with the intent to prevent an unborn child from being born based upon race, color or gender of the child or the race or color of either parent of that child."This comes on the heels of another proposed abortion law, this one in Nebraska, that would bar abortions past 20 weeks'...

Enroll America Has the Right Approach to Health-Care Implementation

Implementing large-scale health-care reform is really, really difficult. As I wrote in a story today, it requires "a sweeping outreach effort alongside meticulous attention to details, and they stumble without both key elements in place."  But one nonprofit has already decided to take on the challenge: introducing Enroll America. "We want to make sure everybody gets enrolled," says Ron Pollack, the nonprofit's founder and current head of Families USA, a health-care-reform advocacy group. "This...

Stupak's Last Stand

Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak arguably saved health-care reform, agreeing to sign on to the bill and defend his decision on the House floor, in the face of jeers from Republican opponents and a heckler who seemed to have called him "baby killer." In saving reform, Stupak looks to have put his House seat in serious jeopardy.

NYT Urges Abortion-Rights Supporters to 'Make Their Voices Heard.' The Real Question: What Should They Be Saying?

"Americans who support women's reproductive rights need to make their voices heard," The New York Times editorial opined yesterday. Noting the number of state legislatures debating bills that would significantly limit a woman's access to abortion—notably Utah's ban on "illegal abortions" and the proposed pre-viability ban in Nebraska—the Times editorial board urged supporters of abortion rights to take a more active role in the debate.