Sarah Kliff

Palin! The Musical

College campuses have, since 1988, played host to the presidential debates. And those college campuses are traditionally littered with unnecessarily high numbers of a cappella singing groups (more than18,000 students singing at 1,200 campuses, to be precise).

Debate Party, Lower East Side Edition

By Sarah Kliff We all know the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom. But what exactly is a Pit Bull With Lipstick? Cranberry vodka, pineapple juice and a splash of Grenadine--or at least that's what you got when you ordered one at Slainte, a New York City bar hosting 200 or so twentysomethings gathered to watch the first presidential debate.

Palm Beach Braces For Second Voting Crisis

During the 2000 election, Palm Beach, Fla., resident Sandy Blank watched, horrified, as her county became a mess of butterfly ballots, hanging chads, erroneous votes for Pat Buchanan—and a national punch line. (The Onion rechristened the state "Flori-duh.") The voting disaster inspired civic activism: Blank become a Palm Beach poll worker. "I wanted to change things," she says.

The RNC's Youngest Delegate on Palin's Daughter

By Sarah Kliff At 17, Mike Knopf is the youngest delegate at the Republican National Convention. He's also the same age as Bristol Palin, Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter--revealed yesterday by the McCain campaign to be five months pregnant. "I've known a couple of people who it's happened to, and surprisingly it really isn't that bad," says the high-school senior from Dubuque, Iowa.

Are We There Yet?

On July 12, a dozen or so anti-war protesters from the Chicago-based Voices for Creative Non-Violence set off on a 500-mile trek to the convention. They've been walking 12 miles a day, meeting with local peace groups at night.