Sean Elder

West Coast Editor

Richard Pryor, Burning Man

A new biography of Richard Pryor paints a harrowing picture of the fires that raged within, and consumed him.

From Russia With Ratings

A new PBS documentary recalls a time when America's biggest threat was also its biggest attraction.

Stuck With the Bill

Years after exploring the mysteries of San Francisco's wild parrots, filmmaker Judy Irving trains her lens on an even older species.

Annie Lennox is Red, Hot and Blue

Having traveled the world and the seven seas, Annie Lennox finds her roots in American blues and her passion in women's causes everywhere

Reality Is Awkward

Dan Hoyle wants you to put down your phone and talk to people—just not while he's performing

Love and Rockets

A new retrospective of Chuck Jones's animation reminds us of a time when Hollywood had more spunk and cartoons weren't for kids