Sharon Begley

Desmond Tutu's Sequenced Genes: How Increased Diversity Helps Doctors Heal

Let's face it: the vast majority of genetics studies have been on middle-class, middle-aged white guys. In addition to insulting other ethnic groups by calling the results of these studies the human genome, the lack of diversity poses the risk of serious miscalculations—which is why Archbishop Desmond Tutu has had his complete genome sequenced.

Begley: King Tut's DNA Reveals a More Manly Pharaoh

Ben Curtis / AP-poolKing Tut, removed from his sarcophagus, in 2007. A study being published this afternoon trumpets an analysis supposedly revealing how the boy pharaoh, King Tutankhamen, died, but for my money the study's conclusion about how he looked is more intriguing.Both results emerge from what the researchers call "molecular Egyptology," in this case an analysis of DNA extracted from the bones of 11 royal mummies of the New Kingdom.