Sophie Grove

Sting Like A Butterfly

Female pugilists have battled for equal status in their sport. Now they're primed to be the next Olympic superstars.


Accusations of sorcery still drive women from their homes in Africa.

Architects Return to Guide Africa's Building Boom

David Adjaye may be the only person on earth who has visited Rwanda for its buildings. The British architect has just returned from Kigali, the capital, where he shot pictures of mosques, churches, parks, and luxury villas.

Spafaris: Body Wraps in the Bush

It's not uncommon for Elizabeth Maleko's clients to open their eyes mid-way through a Swedish massage and see a leap of leopards. The 26-year-old therapist is used to working in the wild.

Carsten Holler's New Art Bar "Double Club"

For Carsten Höller, art can never be too much fun. The Belgian artist's latest installation takes that ethos to new heights: Double Club is both bar and exhibit, devoted to the idea of "opposite models," Höller says.

A Song For the Web

YouTube is using a classical-music promotion to bolster its image as an educational tool and push audio quality.

Harvesting Energy From Stomping Feet

Anyone who thinks running on a treadmill in the gym is a futile exercise should talk to Steve Beeby. The British scientist, a microsystems expert at the Engineering and Sciences Research Council, hates to see all those potential watts go to waste.

Thandie Newton on Condoleezza Rice

British actress Thandie Newton tackles the role of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in Oliver Stone's new semifictional biopic of U.S. President George W.

Damien Hirst Nets Record at Sotheby's Auction

As the bidding started at Damien Hirst's historic auction in London on Sept. 15 (Sotheby's first ever of a single living artist), the specter of failing financial markets hardly discouraged collectors: Hirst's formaldehyde-preserved animals and diamond-encrusted butterflies netted a staggering $200.7 million, breaking the house's record for a single-artist auction (set in 1993 when a Picasso sale raised $32 million), and making Hirst seem like a better bet than the FTSE.The event broke with...

British Tourists Come Under Fire in Greece, Spain

A typical evening on the Greek isle of Zakynthos—one of Europe's hot spots for British tourists—is a modern-day bacchanal: drunken fights are common, as is the sight of revelers dashing naked from bar to bar.

Comedians Take Over Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburgh Fringe has long been known as the wackier little sib of the esteemed Edinburgh Summer Festivals. But has the Fringe become too funny? This year comedy acts make up a record 32 percent of the program—overtaking theater events for the first time ever.

David Blunkett's "Banged Up" Battles Youth Crime

Banged Up," a new U.K. reality show starring David Blunkett (the former British Home secretary who clamped down on youth crime), follows 10 unruly teens whose parents have volunteered them to be locked away.

A Foot Massage With Every Filling

A visit to the dentist need no longer be an exercise in dread. Some daring whitecoats have done away with dismal waiting rooms and antiseptic offices in favor of slick design and sumptuous spa menus.

Fake It Till You Make It

The Greenhalghs looked like such a nice family. But you should see what they cooked up in their kitchen.