Stefan Theil

Money For Nothing

It's shaping up as quite a glittering party. Hundreds of high-net-worth types will gather at Bonn's Hotel Maritim this week to slurp champagne, crowd around the buffet table and show their New Economy style.

The Best Deal Around

Anke Olafsson knew exactly what kind of car she wanted: a used four-wheel-drive Subaru Outback. Trouble was, that model is not only pricey but pretty hard to find in the Swedish city of Jonkoping, where Olafsson lives.

Net Travel Takes Off

The last thing Britta Behrends wanted to do when planning her vacation was "listen to a bunch of travel agents trying to sell me something, or spend a lot of time asking my friends for recommendations." So the overworked 24-year-old German account manager went online.

Aol's European Adventure

Think global, act local, say the business gurus. But they rarely add what AOL Europe now knows: that second step is the hard one. When rival Freeserve introduced no-fee Net access in Britain last fall, AOL Europe chief Andreas Schmidt calmly observed that "free Internet access doesn't work as a business model." Then Freeserve rocketed past AOL as Britain's premier gateway to the Net--and Schmidt found himself in London last Tuesday, introducing a stripped-down version of AOL called Netscape...

Berlin's Business Plan

It's Saturday night in Berlin. The narrow streets of the ultrahip Mitte district are packed with partyers flocking from bar to bar, past the trendy galleries, clubwear boutiques and all-night Turkish eateries.

Death In The Alps

The snow began falling three weeks ago in Galtor, Austria, and it didn't stop, even after it had covered the entire town with enough powder to shut down roads and immobilize ski lifts.